Ten years ago, Matt Cavanagh asked me “out” on my way to first period. A decade, two kids, one marriage, three colleges and countless memories later, here we are! Happy 10th anniversary to us!

We love our new battery-powered lawn mower/weed wacker! It works perfectly! Thanks Grandma!! :)

12 years ago I was sitting in my high school Latin class, staring wide-eyed at the television screen as the whole world witnessed what would become known as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Probably one of the scariest and saddest days we’ve ever experienced. Where were you and what were you thinking during the attacks?

These are OFFICIALLY available at Publix! You’re welcome.

Sneezy <3 My big baby. :)

I love these little projects that Samantha brings home from school. :)

My family is the next big thing. You’ll see. :)

Mmmmm. :-/

Samantha tried to “surprise” us with a fancy homemade lunch by soaking $8 worth of pine nuts. Maybe we show her too many Taste Made Raw Vegan Not Gross episodes. LOL!

Cutie Patootie. :)

If you can’t go to Fazoli’s, do it yourself! #Bringfazolisbacktoorlando

Biked all the way from our house by UCF to Cady Way Park in Winter Park. Hopefully we can get back to our side of town before dark. :-/

Perfect finish to a Publix sub lunch: lemon meringue pie.